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Meet Dr. Michele Cho-Dorado

Updated: Jun 11

An article featuring Dr. Michele in Canvas Rebel.

We recently connected with Dr. Michele Cho-Dorado and have shared our conversation below.

Dr. Michele, appreciate you joining us today. If you had a defining moment that you feel really changed the trajectory of your career, we’d love to hear the story and details.

I had been about 8 years into practice as a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. I had dedicated so much time and energy to get there and it was my whole identity, that’s all I knew. Up until then, I was taught to work hard to get a good job. And then to keep working to save up for retirement. I thought I would practice until I retire into my 60’s, maybe even 70’s. But once I got married, I realized how little I knew about financial planning. I had never even considered retiring early or making passive income but my husband started planting these seeds. Around this period, I started reprioritizing my time and wanting a better work-life balance. We had also wanted to move geographically. I decided to make a career transition and left practice. It was a huge decision and one that took awhile to process, but I would say this was a defining moment for us. I took a role as a Medical Director for a healthcare company, which allowed me to work remotely and have more flexibility with my schedule. Read more...

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