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Kids Encounter Finance and Big Ideas in This New Picture Book by Bright Futures EDG

Updated: May 4

An article featuring Dr. Michele in PopUp Foundry.

Michele Cho-Dorado behind a stack of Reach for the Stars books

Hey Michele, nice to meet you! Tell us about your emerging business.

Bright Futures EDG is a platform that introduces financial literacy to kids while building confidence and empowering them to think big. This includes the recent publication of a children’s book.

This is such a thoughtful mission. What was the inspiration that led you to create this brand?

I spent many years studying and training in medicine to become a doctor, but never received any financial education. I was almost 40 before realizing that I was financially illiterate! This prompted an educational journey of learning, which allowed my husband and I to be more intentional about how we managed our money and finances. However, Read more...

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