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Stars Illustration by Kaori Hamura-Long
Tree Illustration by Kaori Hamura-Long

Empower our kids to be bold and to think BIG!

Flowers Illustration by Kaori Hamura-Long


Allow children to share and cultivate their ideas.

Introduce financial concepts early: EARN, SAVE, DONATE, INVEST.


Reach For The Stars is a children’s picture book meant to introduce young children to basic financial concepts. It also delivers a positive and uplifting message, empowering children to speak up about their ideas and inspiring them to take action. 

This is a story about Mimi, a young girl who finds a way to earn and save money to make a purchase for something she desperately wants. In the process, she turns a simple idea into a successful business! Expose your young children to basic financial words like EARNING, SAVING, GIVING, INVESTING. Teach them to share their ideas and build confidence by joining Mimi as she becomes an entrepreneur, taking initiative to grow her business and manage her money. In the process, she also learns the importance and the joy of giving.


Will Mimi’s plan be successful? Who will she recruit to help her reach her goal? What set backs will she encounter?


This book is perfect for  children ages 3-8 years.  It will plant a seed for further learning, in which parents can be a part. You can supplement with fun activity sheets, which can be downloaded below.  

Illustrated by Kaori Hamura-Long.


Michele is a physician, wife, and mother. Reach For The Stars was written out of a desire to introduce her own kids to the basics of financial literacy, lessons that she didn't learn until much later in life. When looking for financial books for her children, there were not many options for the younger age range. As a parent, she believes that teaching children about making wise financial decisions and investing in their financial future should be an essential part of early education. In addition to introducing basic financial concepts, this story is meant to build confidence and encourage our children to think BIG! Her hope is that this book will present basic concepts that will plant a seed for further learning and interest.



'Reach for the Stars' was delightfully charming, and beautifully illustrated. Not only does it thoughtfully approach the subject of financial responsibility, and even entrepreneurship, but also the importance of sharing and friendship. There is a lot of value to be found in the pages of this book and is the perfect addition to any child's library.

- A. F.